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dexterrr dexterrr

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ah cubicle dexter

How i loved your movie, so sad that your younger self had to go.

I like how you used the borderless style. Makes me think of some sort of Samurai Jack - Dexters Lab cross-over possibility :3

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Cyber Ship Cyber Ship

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Well there are a few things i wonder about this:

1) Is the ship design inspired by starfox? Because it sounds an aweful like that to me.

2) What program are you using to get 3D effects?

And here are a few pointers:

1) There needs to be a bit more detail work in the wings. Give them more of a fly-able look.

2) Maybe smooth off the edges of it just ever so slightly, but don't make it look spherical(if this makes sense)

3) Use a bit more color overall.

4)More general detail. Give it some aesthetic charm.

Anyways it wasn't too bad. =3

-Review Request Club

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Kinsei responds:

Detail seems to be eveyones biggest issue with this model, so that is a sign that I need what? Yes, thats right. more detail.
Honestly I'm not mocking you on this, I just needed a creative starting line for my response. Although I joke around a lot, I take critique and reviews very seriously.
Ok back on track here

this ship wasn't inspired by Star Fox, It was just something I was playing around with when I was trying to come up with the cyberpunk stage.

For my 3D I tend to use 3DsMax, Maya, and Zbrush, or a mix of all 3.

I'll get some more color and detail in there I promise. :P
thanks for the review and 7 it'll come in handy later when I use my 3D models to RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

Kinsei SBT Piece Kinsei SBT Piece

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty cool

Here be some things i found about this one, both good and bad and maybe a little off:

1)(Good) The overall proportion was done pretty good.

2)(A little Off) The crotch area seems a little be large and low for a person lol

3)(Alright) The background looks okay from here, but you should make sure to tell everyone to look at it in full size since the black in the background isn't really black it's clear, as you probably know?

4)(Good) The details overall is very well done. Though the hair is a bit off and is your typical spiky hair thing, but it works alright.

5(Good) There is definitely not a lack of color in this pick, with a lot of colors that aren't to bright or piercing in it.

It's pretty good. =3

-Review Request Club

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Kinsei responds:

Low crotch....
>.>... he's compensating yeah....
I'll take note of enlarged crotch area in the future. :P

I guess I really should have just put the original white up with that background. the transparency really isn't helping is it.

thanks for the tips.
sweet review

Hyper warp Hyper warp

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It wasn't awful, but the text was.

If you are able you "make" something that looks fairly cool, such as the background then you should be able to do something cool with the text as well. And why would you want the text of a piece of are to be the focus? Text is meant to describe what is going on in the scene, not distract you and reduce the overall look.

The dot (Oh sorry i mean the "BULLET SHIP") in the middle works though. This should be the focus point, as it helps bring all of the surroundings together.

Oh and another thing you need to work on is being able to take negative criticism. Coop And Celx And haggard all said about the same thing with the text. But i believe you only thought Haggards review was helpful was because of the review score.

And Coop also brought up a good point about the descriptions. Yes you can pick up different things from the same piece of art, but having an idea of what is actually there can give you a good contrast to maybe what you see in it. I mean We probably would have had no clue that it was a ship if you hadn't said so in the responses.

And yes you can interpret a GOOD piece of art in different ways. But because this is DECENT and the only things we know about it from looking and the description are, something to do with "Hyper Warp" and the GIMP editing program.

Please don't be a dick to the people giving you negative constructive criticisms, otherwise you probably wont get any help other than the "This sucks," and "This was Cool" reviews.

-Review Request Club

mikkim responds:

First and second paragraph : I already know that, just that I cant fix it because when I saved it as an .xcf I merged all the layers, and also the bullet AND the text was the focus.

Third paragraph : It's a BULLET, not a bullet SHIP, and it IS one of two focuses.

Fourth: The reason I didn't like them was because they dissed the bullet.

Fifth: Okay, that is a good point, next time I submit a piece of art I will do that (I know that Coop said that first, but I am acknowledging that here.)

Sixth:Repeat of the fifth.

Seventh: I am taking CONSTRUCTIVE criticism properly. It's just when people take away points for something that was INTENTIONAL and others have found okay, when I feel that they aren't reviewing properly, because reviews aren't about opinion, they are about telling when something completely destroys the image, such as the text hurting the image in this. If I could fix that I would, but I now know not to use such text in that way.

Chessboard #1 Chessboard #1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You and your strange fixation with checkerboards

I say that only because I'm reviewing his one after i reviewed the other two lol

This feels incomplete. The "Fog" effects seem to be just kind of there, not really doing much, just there. There needs to be more connectivity with the white spots, or a shown reason as to why the spots are like that.

The chess piece looks a bit strange but it's not terrible. The checker board itself looks alright, though it looks like it may have ended suddenly in the back. And the positioning of the checker board to the background seems a bit strange to me.

It's not bad, but could use some work. =3

-Review Request Club

XwaynecoltX responds:

Thanks for the review


Palm Tree Palm Tree

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Well it looks like it was fun to have drawn, but there are some issues going on here.

The sand is kind of bland and lacks fine detail to it. The coconuts are oddly shaped and remind me of those madness guys from the madness day thing.

The tree is too erect and not shaded very much, and the leafs on the tree are all connected and don't really look like a coconut tree leafs.

The thing you've got going for you that's done pretty good is the shine effect going on.

Just keep on working on it, it could turn out alright. =3

-Review Request club

XwaynecoltX responds:

Thanks for the review Kirby


Checkerboard #3 Checkerboard #3

Rated 4 / 5 stars


The 3d effect is working well for this one. The only 3d weirdness seems to be around the door though, it doesn't look as 3d as the rest of the room.

The color scheme is simple, but it works out well. The shine effect is a bit spotty, but it looks nice still and gives it much more life.

The door that looks like its giving off the light looks a bit odd, the "star" in the center of it looks cool, but could use ever so slightly more detail.

Keep up the good work! =3

-Review Request Club

XwaynecoltX responds:



Chess Checketboard #2 Chess Checketboard #2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Some random lines here and there

There is some shading here and there, and some shine effects as well, but the lines on the grey and around the board are a little strange.

To me they don't truly serve a purpose other than being little distracting. The shine effects on the lines connecting the individual checker board parts are a bit strange as well.

But it's not to bad though, you've got a good start here. Just keep up the work. =3

-Review Request Club

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